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No matter what the purpose of the loan, Financial Aid offers a wide range of personal and business financial solutions.

Why you might consider our services:

Financial Aid Limited can help you to obtain financing for your business or projects active credit line, issue and provide Letters of credit, BG of SBLC for you, provide loans against financial instruments, and monetize financial instruments. We can monetize almost any project; we can also put most projects into trade. Our POF's BG's and SBLC's are all from Top Banks. (This is very important) Great care has to be taken when considering Source of funds. Imvesting in the sectors we know best, we can provide more than just financing, we bring insight, knowledge and expertise to every loan, Bank guarantees or Letters of credit transaction. And as a result businesses that finance with Financial Aid Limited benefit from our global know-how and expertise. Around the world we are helping our customers to invest more, to make more, to sell more and to do it all with greater efficiency. We are helping companies in ways that no other financial institution or bank can. Only a builder can help you grow. Because we are Financial Aid Limited we set the pace.

Each situation (and company) is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. Custom solutions take advantage of opportunities that your competitors cant. Thats what we deliver to you.

When we work with you, we roll up our sleeves and become your business partner. Our success is measured by the success of your company. That’s why we invest whatever resources that are needed to get and keep your business on the track.

Service Excellence; Being responsive and transparent at all times Building customer loyalty and creating long-term partnerships Differentiating ourselves from other financial services providers Giving the best financial advice and providing creative solutions consistently to our customers.

Trust; Maintaining a reputation for being reliable and responsible financial services provider, we want customers to trust that we are always giving them the best service and advice Acting with integrity and honesty with customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders Within our team, we have confidence in each other’s intentions and capabilities, empowering people to use their initiative and to do the right thing.

Disciplined Risk-taking; We take a strict approach to customer data security and privacy Entrepreneurship and prudent risk-taking among our people are encouraged and rewarded FINANCIAL AID LIMITED must bear risk – we would not have a business without it We must take risk in a controlled way, establishing and maintaining clear credit and approval policies.

Teamwork and Community; We respect our colleagues, customers, partners and other stakeholders We are committed to supporting these communities in meaningful ways Our customers are the lifeblood of the communities where we do business. We want to maintain a fun workplace where successes are celebrated as a team Develop a highly motivated and committed team in which people are encouraged to share their views and opinions A management structure where decisions are made collaboratively and quickly, keeping the business agile and responsive to our customers.

Passion; We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything we do. We are passionate about our business, our products, services and our purpose. We are committed to developing, selling and delivering high quality products and services. We have a passion for winning, which will help us to deliver attractive returns for our investors. We want to challenge the status quo and provide products and services that may otherwise be unavailable to our customers.

Loans: (Personal Loans, Business Loans, Secured Loans, Unsecured Loans, International Project Financing etc).
Purchase Bank Instruments (Bank Guarantees and Standby Letter of Credit)
Lease Bank Instruments (BG, SBLC, DLC, Letters of Credit)
Letters of Credit (DLC, L/C, Usance LC)
Investments and Wealth Management
Insurance Underwriting Services
PPP and Trading Platforms
Proof of Funds (POF)
Corporate Finance
Blocked Funds
Escrow Services
Private Equity

1. Loans and International Project Funding:
We provide personal loans, business loans & project financing worldwide. We DO NOT discriminate against any nationality, skin color, race or religion. This means that ALL COUNTRIES are welcomed as far as the project or business is viable, we will provide the needed loan or funding. Most importantly, we provide both secured loans and unsecured loans and our loan interest rate is just 3% per year which is the lowest in the industry. So, if you have any viable business or project that needs funding kindly send us an email for more details.

Small Businesses (SME’s)
Medium and Large Businesses
Public and Private Companies
Service Companies
Construction Companies
Agricultural Companies
Real Estate
Manufacturing Companies
Global Companies
Companies across all Industries
Companies wanting to go Public

2. Bank Guarantees (BG) / Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC):
A Banker’s Guarantee (BG) is a definite undertaking by the bank (guarantor) to pay the beneficiary a certain sum of money within a specified period if the applicant (principal) fails to fulfill his contractual or other obligations of an underlying transaction. It is normally used to secure either a financial or performance obligation of the principal. Through our cutting-edge facilities, BG’s and SBLC’s can be issued to both local and overseas beneficiary from any top 25 world bank at 4% interest rate per year. These instruments can be used to get loans, secure credit lines, PPP, joint ventures, trading, signature projects etc. The minimum BG/SBLC amount is 1M up to 50 Billion. The full procedures, terms and conditions will be communicated to serious customers. Send us email inquiries now for our complete procedures, terms and conditions.

3. Letter of Credit (Documentary Letter Of Credit (L/C, DLC):
It is the bank’s obligation to pay the seller of goods or services a certain amount of money in the timely submission of documents confirming shipment of goods or performance of contractual services. Documentary Letter Of Credit is one of the most important means of financing in the international trade, as the letter of credit is a tool that removes most of risks as from the buyer (importer) and from the seller (exporter).

4. Structured Note Program:
A new program backed by a major financial institution that guarantees the principal and interest for project financing. This program is for clients who requires a minimum of $20Million USD. AAA or rated higher institution will be the guarantor of not only the principle but the interest payments as well using their portfolio $30 plus Billion dollars of fortune 500 companies as collateral.

Need money to start your next project? Financial Aid loan can help you get the capital needed out of existing property.


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